Baab ga yangwin tea


Raab-Ga Yangzin Tibetan tea is an excellent tonic drink that is not only suitable for everyday brewing, but also has a fairly strong therapeutic effect, due to which it gently balances the work of all body systems. Also, this medicinal collection cleanses the blood, which naturally leads to an improvement in skin condition. Good for weight loss, as it accelerates the metabolism. In the cleansing ability is its use in poisoning, including alcohol. In this case, just drink this tea – it will help you clean your body.

This effect is provided by the wild rose (rosehip), red currant and other plants that are famous for their healing properties. Drinking tea puts the heart muscle in order, eliminating its hypertonus, helps to relieve tension, anxiety, and psychological discomfort. It will help You feel more calm and focused, but at the same time active throughout the day.

Among other things, Raab-Ga Yangzin will increase your immunity. Therefore, it is very good to drink it during the flu epidemic and colds. Thanks to it, you can make productive use of time that you do not have to spend on illness. In addition, the tea has an excellent taste.

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